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Duncan Home Buyers Services

Traditional Sale

cash offers


in as little as

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Sell your house outright and we'll make you an all cash offer to put you on the fast track to closing. We make cash offers in as little as 24hrs. Duncan can usually close on your house within 7 days. 

Outright Purchase

Don't let the bank take your house. If you fall behind on payments and facing foreclosure Duncan Home Buyers can help. We'll pay the amount you owe and make you an offer on the house. This will save you a lot of financial problems in the future if your debt is paid. 

Stop Foreclosure

We know life gets tough. Falling behind on payments can be hard to get ahead of once you are behind. If you find yourself in this situation we'll take over the mortgage and save your credit from further damage. 

Take Over Mortgage

If the amount you owe on your mortgage is higher than what your property is worth, we will negotiate with your bank to accept less and make a full payoff. We have good relationships with all local area banks and can usually get a short sale approved in little time. 

Short Sale

We'll inspect your house in it's current as-is condition and make you a fair all cash offer on your house. No fees. No obligations necessary. 

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