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Duncan vs

Real Estate Agent

Below you can compare Duncan Home Buyers verse using a typical real estate agent. If you are motivated to sell your house fast then Duncan Home Buyers is a perfect choice for you. We streamline the home buying process by making fair cash offers on the current condition of your house and your personal situation as hand. 

You should not be pressured to wait for months to sell your house

Every selling scenario is different and sometimes you don't have time to wait for the perfect buyer. That could be from being behind on bills, payments, taxes, settling a divorce, or even needing to relocate quickly. The longer you wait usually means the harder it gets to get out of the situation.  

No need to paint, clean, repair, or remodel anything

Getting your house ready for the market can be a time consuming process. You may feel obligated to repaint that room, or fix those repairs you have been putting off. However, at Duncan Home Buyers we actually prefer if you leave these daunting tasks to us!

You do not need to pay commissions or any other hidden fees

Duncan Home Buyers does not charge you any hidden closing fees, or extra commission for selling your house to us. Since we are the actual buyer, we do not get commission. All of our offers come with zero pressure and no obligations. Get a free offer today!

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